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MT365: Day 46 - Berkley Pit

We’ve moved from the cultural hub of Missoula to the hard-working, historically rich town of Butte. And although the towns are only about 90 miles apart, they couldn’t be more different. Butte is a city rich in heritage, specifically Irish heritage. In the 19th century, it was the largest city in Montana with a population over 100,000 and one of the largest copper mining operations in the world.

So while you’re here, prepare yourself for a historical exploration. First, we suggest checking out the Berkely Pit. The pit is an almost 2000 foot deep...hole. Once an open copper mine, the Berekely Pit is now essentially a small lake filled with heavy mineral deposits and toxic chemicals. It’s certainly not for swimming, but legend has it that a stray dog lives somewhere near the pit and has achieved immortality through ingestion of the powerful waters. Believe what you will, but uh, don’t try that at home.

#Montana #BerkleyPit #WhattodoinMontana #MovingtoMontana #RelocatingtoMontana

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