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MT365: Day 31 - Concert in Missoula

Okay! That was probably emotionally taxing to be away from the digital world for at least the third time this month. I know the feeling. I panic when my 4g turns to 3g, and when I can’t find an outlet at the restaurant, I usually just order appetizers out of spite. So in the name of preserving your sanity, let’s get you back to civilization.

How about some music. Any music. Good music. Head to the Wilma Theater in downtown Missoula for a headlining musical act of your choice. Missoula is easily the cultural capital of the state, and it’s a safe bet that on any given Friday or Saturday night, someone is ripping up the stage at the newly renovated Wilma Theater. And it doesn’t hurt that the venue is located right on the Clark’s Fork River, which runs through the the heart of the city. Get some friends and a few drinks and go get funky.

Photo by Kevin Kenly Photography

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