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"Montana should come with a surgeon general warning that it's addictive. The sky is big and blue, and the air is always fresh and crisp and scented with pine. There's a frontier spirit, but also a calmness, beauty in the landscape that slows your pulse.” ― Robin Bielman

When moving to Montana, try and move either during the spring or fall. Winters can be extremely rough and brutal with large amounts of snowfall, especially in the northern regions of the state, summers can be very hot, more likely in the eastern portion of the state.


Due to the winters, most of the construction on roads is done during the summer months, so make sure to check with the Montana Department of Transportation to see if your route is clear when you are ready to make the move to Montana.




Often called "The Last Best Place", Montana features beautiful scenery, a growing economy, un-paralelled outdoor activities and a vast region to explore and prosper. Many believe that Montana is truly the best and only place to live within the United States.

Many who move to Montana not only move to experience the endless beautiful surroundings but move to Montana because of the lifestyle it holds. Offering a wide range of laid-back atmospheres, cultural events and friendly people. It's easy to see why Montana is "The Last Best Place".



Compared to the US average, the cost of living in Montana is 6.29 percent lower. This is most likely due to the availability of energy resources such as coal, oil, gas and water, as well as the low taxation levels in the state. In fact, property taxes here are comparatively low, which makes owning real estate and vehicles much more affordable than in some other states. The average income for a household is almost $36,000, which isn’t the highest in the country, but again, low taxation levels and an average commute time of just under 18 minutes compensate somewhat for this.


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