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MT365: Day 39 - Rockin Rudy's (A Missoula Classic)

In the digital world, we are losing some of the best aspects of community life. And almost nothing has taken a bigger hit than the “record shop” business. Music is downloadable from almost anywhere, directly into our pockets, whenever we want. It makes sense that we don’t make the time or effort to go to a store and make a purchase in person. But today, let’s pretend that the internet doesn’t exist.

Because today, you are heading to what is perhaps Montana’s most iconic and still existing record shop, Rocking Rudy’s. Opened in 1982, Rocking Rudy’s does what every good record shop should do and more; from concert tickets to posters to gag gifts to actual vinyl records. It’s a fun place to visit, shop around, or just hang out in.

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