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MT365: Day 35 - Downtown Yoga

Now that you’ve conquered the mythical Brown trout with your cunning and inner-hunter, it’s time to foster the other side of your being. It’s time to drop in, get calm, and do some yoga.

Missoula is a beautiful hybrid of rugged outdoors and open-minded sensitivity. You can find everything you want. And within the four block radius of downtown, you can find three different yoga studios to choose from.

Speaking from experience, I can fully endorse the sweaty stylings of Bikram Yoga Missoula. This style of yoga takes place in a studio heated to 105 degrees and involves a fairly gruelling 90 minute routine. If that sounds too aggressive, I don’t blame you. Just head to one of the other studios which, I’m sure, offer that calming, soothing yoga that will actually calm you down.

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