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MT365: Day 34 - Fly Fishing on The Bitteroot

Keeping with the spirit of fall, er, this whole guide in general, we are again sending you to the great out-of-doors. That’s probably not a surprise, but there is just so much to do here that we can’t help ourselves. Don’t worry, the next one will involve alcohol. Promise.

Today, get out on the river. Specifically, the Bitterroot River. It’s going to freeze soon, and before it does, you should make a concentrated effort to catch some of the Brown trout that are known to grace the waters this time of year. And if you’re going to take our advice, which you should, you will also want to hire the good people at Kingfisher Fly Shop to show you the ropes of the river. They have the equipment and the boat...and all that stuff. But more importantly, they know just where those fall browns are hanging out.

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