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MT365: Day 30 - The Belton Chalet

It’s nice to keep things fresh. And you may think that this guide is just going to be leading you from outdoor experience to restaurant to bar and back again. And you’d be right. But is there anything better than exploring Nature’s beauty and then taking the time to relax and realize what you just did?

In the name of this very crucial and often forgotten element of Montana life, take yourself to dinner at the Belton Chalet in West Glacier. Built in 1910 and renovated in the late 90’s, the Belton Chalet boasts an amazing ambiance while blending history with modern amenities. The pace and the feel of the hotel are intentionally dialed back to ensure the relaxing atmosphere that people hope to find. And yes, that slower pace includes the complete omission of electronics in the room. Unplug. We dare you.

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