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MT365: Day 24 - The Yaak Valley

Route 66 may be the most famous highway in the USA, and Highway 1 along California’s West Coast may be the most scenic, and the interstate system may be the fastest, but Route 508 through Northwestern Montana can hang with the best of them. Not only does Montana boast a 80 mph highway speed limit, but pretty much anywhere you drive will deliver you upon breathtaking views.

And luckily Route 508 specializes in the view part. What makes this particular highway remarkable is the end goal of the Yaak Valley and more specifically, Yaak falls. The rocks surrounding this meandering waterfall are some of the oldest in the world, so if you’re looking for some bragging rights, look no further. And of course, like the rest of the state, the Yaak region provides unprecedented access to a plethora of outdoor activities.

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