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MT365: Day 20 - Huckleberry Macaroons

The last watering hole we mentioned was the sobering kind. The kind that makes you think twice and stirs up your fear, and makes you wish you hadn’t boasted about how you would “jump off a little bridge” on the car ride. I hope it was worth the adrenaline. It usually is. But since you did so well yesterday, how about finding your way to the other kind of watering hole.

Hucklberry Macaroons are a MUST HAVE. (Above)

Tonight, head to one of Glacier Park’s lesser known interests. The town is called Polebridge. While the namers of this hidden gem certainly weren’t too creative (there is a bridge nearby, and plenty of poles) they did something right. Polebridge is hardly more than a few buildings, but two of those buildings are the mercantile--which sells amazing, homemade baked goods--and the Northern Lights Saloon.

Both of these buildings are run from generators, and you won’t find any cell phone or internet service. Truly, you’re in the wilderness. But don’t worry, your emails will be waiting for you when you return to civilization and you’ll be in a much better mood as you respond to them.

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