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MT365: Day 11

‘Tis the season for huckleberries. And that’s not a secret. Northwest Montana is well known for the abundance of huckleberries that grace the high alpine mountainsides through the late summer months. And while you may be competing with the Grizzly bears for the juiciest, if you wander off any trail in the area, you’ll likely have great luck. But, uh, bring your pepper spray. Even though bears can eat ants, they prefer berries.

We suggest taking the short trip to Swan Lake. It’s just East of Flathead, but much more remote. It’s nestled in the middle of the mountains, surrounded by thick pine forest, and the hiking trails in the proximity will take you to even more isolated, breathtaking mountain lakes. And because, as they say, “it’s about the journey, not the destination,” you can pick some bursting purple berries as you meander up the mountain. And once you’ve arrived, take a seat and enjoy the fruits of your labor. PS--Huckleberries go great in milkshakes.

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