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MT365: Day 6

Now that you’ve driven Going to the Sun Road, you’re ready to take it to the next level. You’ve seen the crags and cliffs and waterfalls and mountains goats. You may have even seen a grizzly bear. You probably hiked around one of the many trails that take you from the road to the 1,583 square miles of rugged Glacier backcountry. You may have sledded down a 1000+ year old patch of snow or swam a lake that feels almost as cold as that snow. So today, you can level up. Literally.

We suggest taking a helicopter tour. You read that right. You can get in a mechanical dragon fly and zip around 11,000 foot peaks and be back to your campsite in time for dinner. Head to Glacier Jet Center and book a tour with them. You won’t be disappointed. How would that even be possible? They’ll take you into the most remote regions of the park, places you couldn’t walk to even if you had that kind of ambition. Bring your camera and prepare for a magical day.

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