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MT365: Day 5

It’s finally time for Glacier. That’s probably what you’ve been waiting for. And now, the moment has arrived. The park, established in 1910, was one of the first National Parks, and for good reason. Massive, glacier-carved mountains stand alone, waterfalls seem to explode out of them and fall hundreds of feet to the ground below, and sprawling green valleys connect and complete the perfect postcard scenery. Wake up early, head to the store for some snacks--fresh Flathead cherries and bison jerky--and hop in the car.

There’s an incredible amount to do in the park, but the first and most popular destination for most is the world renown Going to the Sun Road, which was completed in 1932. Keep your hands at ten and two as you navigate the winding cliffside drive, but don’t forget to pull over frequently to take in some of the best views, in our opinion, in the United States. And at the top of the road is the Apgar Visitor Center which hosts daily learning programs and is staffed by rangers ready to answer any questions.

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