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Finding Work in Montana

Now that you’re here, first things first. Have a barbecue. And once that’s done, assuming you didn’t get hired ahead of time, begin the job hunt. It shouldn’t be hard, Montana’s economy is strong, and growing continuously. The first and best place to look is still the local newspaper. On the back pages, you’ll find plenty of listings, from manual labor to finance to tech positions. It’s a strange and unexpected economy here, blending facets of Montana’s agricultural roots with the emerging edge of advanced technology.

The next place to look is Craigslist. While many places that I’ve lived don’t utilize this amazing website, Montana is not one of them. Each day, two to four pages of new jobs are listed. Again, they vary widely, from temporary to salaried professional positions. I’ve found many great jobs through Craigslist, and it’s helpful to know that employers are taking advantage of what modern technology offers.

Another really great way to find rewarding work in the 406 is the word-of-mouth market. I’ve gotten jobs through sitting down next to the right person at the bar, friends-of-friends-of-friends, posters at coffee shops, and probably some other random places I can’t remember.

The point is that Montana has lots of work. And good work at that. The cost of living is low and so is unemployment. Pretty much any job that exists in a major urban area also exists here. Major technology/software companies, manufacturing, agriculture, tourism, construction and other labor, and of course, a busy service industry. And with some creativity, it’s definitely possible to carve your own path. I have it on good authority that the internet provides great opportunities.

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