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MT365: Day 36 - Tour UM Campus

It’s time to think education. You’re already in Montana, and you’re already in a city with a school that has been deemed the “Harvard of the West.” And while the comparison may not be wholly factual, The University of Montana is a wonderful place to get learned. Although UM specializes in the liberal arts side of things, they also have a leading business program. And really, all sorts of other really “practical” degrees that you would be happy to tell your parents about. And if you’re a parent, you can send your child here knowing they will be able to do more than draw.

Take a tour of this pristine campus, check out the largest FCS football stadium in the nation, enjoy the changing of the leaves and the sound of the sprinkler system being blown out for the winter. Breathe in the crisp air and then go to Pickle Barrel and fill that empty belly of yours.

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