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MT365: Day 33 - Hike the "M" in Missoula

Because I haven’t lived in any other states around the country, I’m not sure if there are mountains in every major town with the first letter of the state emblazoned into the ground. But here in Montana, it’s kind of a thing. In almost every town around the state that I’ve been to, there is a giant “M,” made from rocks, coated with bright white paint, perched above the population, almost as if keeping watch.

While I’m partial to Bozeman’s “M,” Missoula’s is a close second. It sits on the mountain behind the university football stadium and makes a great backdrop for postcards and summer sunrises. But more than that, it’s an awesome hike. Take a dog and a friend and walk up there to catch a spectacular fall sunset. Oh, and don’t forget a jacket.

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