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MT365: Day 29 - Back To the Mountains

Back to the mountains you go. If you haven’t caught on, that’s what a lot of this Montana stuff is all about. We want to get you off your butt and out of doors. That’s where all the good stuff is happening. Don’t worry, they’ll be playing the Republican debate for weeks to come. You can afford to get some fresh air.

Today, head to the Savenac Nursery, which is a National Historic Site, in Haugan, MT. While this beautiful section of woodlands is indeed close to the Idaho border, it’s not actually in Idaho. The town of Haugan was founded as pusher station for trains, which often had difficulty with the rugged wilderness on the way to Coeur d’Alene. Now, the town serves as a small but interesting community, offering great access to the mountains.

Photo by K.D. Swan.

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