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MT365: Day 28 - 10,000 Silver Dollar Bar

Today, take a drive into the country. Get out and smell the crisp air of fall making its way down from wherever that place is that it comes from. It doesn’t smell like freedom, because only America’s oxygen has the patented scent of freedom built into it, but cool arctic air does seem to pick up the faint odor of a hockey locker room on the way down, and then, I believe, they mist it with a hint of maple as it crosses the border.

And while you drive and think about the strange way freedom smells like french-fry grease, take a pit stop at the world famous 10,000 Silver Dollar Bar. The interior is decked out with...yeah, silver dollars everywhere, they cook up a mean burger. It’s owned by a fourth generation Montana family and so all the proceeds of your purchase go the preservation of freedom.

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