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MT365: Day 27 - St. Mary's Mission Tour

After spending what may or may not have been an excessive amount of time with ghosts, and the houses of ghosts, it may be time for a cleansing. Unless you like being haunted, or your haunter is a nice ghost, or you’re a wizard. Now, of course, cleansing is in the soul of the, something like that. But we have a specific idea for you if you’re one of them fence-sitting agnostics.

Head to the St. Mary’s Mission in Stevensville. Mission has a serious sound to it. It feels appropriate for a religious building. There’s obviously a mission behind the work these buildings do.

St. Mary’s Mission is a great place to visit if the intersection of history and beauty are of interest. Established in 1841, the mission was actually created at the behest of the Salish Indian Tribe, who were looking to understand and possibly integrate Christianity into their beliefs. It truly is a place where very different cultures converged and is certainly worth your time.

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