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MT365: Day 26 - Garnet Ghost Town

Since we’re on the subject of signs of our ancestors, let’s keep going in that direction. It’s time to start heading South. Not just because winter is coming, but because you have been up near Canada for quite some time, and we expect you probably want to see what else the state has to offer.

Today, head to the modern-day ghost town of Garnet, which is located 30 minutes East of Missoula. As you can probably imagine, the town is named for the ruby-colored gemstones that were found there in the 1800’s. According to the website: “Garnet became a boomtown with the discovery of gold in the 1850s. Today, this well-preserved

ghost town offers a glimpse of life in a turn-of-the-century gold camp while some 20 buildings still remain, including a jail, post office, blacksmith shop, school, cabins and a hotel.”

Wandering through these pieces of history that are so common to the state is part nostalgia, part creepy. But it’s always interesting. Go feel what it must have been like to live deep in the mountains and live as a pioneer. And then get out of there before sunset.

(Photo courtesy BLM)

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