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MT365: Day 18 - Clay Pigeons and Guns

Although Montana is close to Canada, and has often been mistaken for South Canada by people from other places in the world, it is indeed part of The United States of America. And proud of it. Not many countries in the world start with “The,” and so you generally know that a country is pretty great when it does.

Photo courtesy of Greg Jaren

So to commemorate living in one of those rare and powerful countries, and more specifically, one of the most beautiful states in said country, get some ammo, clay pigeons, and a shotgun and head to the hills to celebrate the second amendment.

Even if you’ve never shot a gun, or don’t think that guns are for you, I’m guessing that’s just because you’ve never tried it. Blasting a flying orange disk out of the air, turning it to dust, and unloading the shell like a boss is one of the great freedoms that everyone should enjoy in their lives. And that includes you, friend.

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