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MT365: Day 16

If Montana be your goal, and indeed it must be,

Then set aside your worries, and let your heart be

Open to the possibilities of space and big sky,

A ski pass, a horse, and a job with no tie.

Take your savings, your dreams, your hopes, your prayers,

And come to the land of cows, and cougars, and bears.

The moms in the bar will love you the right way,

they’ll rub your sore shoulders from the hard work day,

And the barman will smile when he sees your big grin,

He’ll feed you a water and give you a chew from his tin.

And when you wake in the morn, you’ll feel just great

Because you’ll remember the person who has become your new mate.

You’ll start a family that very day,

A boy, a girl, or twins may come your way,

And in that moment you’ll know, in the heart of your heart,

That Montana is the place to make your new start.

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