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MT365: Day 10

If you’re from a state that’s as rural as Montana, chances are you’re familiar with the “Old West” theme. Horses and big hats and cows and steak are a regular occurrence for you, just as they are for all of us. But what may be a little different about the Montana cowboy thing is that it all takes place against a backdrop of hulking mountains and lazy rivers and the livestock exists (and sometimes doesn’t) in harmony with packs of wolves, mountain lions, and bears.

And while you’re in the Northwest part of the state, you may as well take advantage of that strange juxtaposition of rugged workmanship and fragile beauty. Take yourself to Bar W, located just outside of Whitefish, and enjoy a wagon ride around some beautiful scenery. Let the sound of horses hooves take your imagination into the past as you experience what it was like when the West really was wild and untamed.

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